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Question 1: Jan "Eskymo" Welzl (1868–1948), globetrotter and gold-digger, chief of the Siberian ________
EskimoInuit languageInuitFirst Nations

Question 2: this became the state of ________ with the conquest of the Principality of Nitra (present-day Slovakia; from 10th century into 1918 part of the Kingdom of Hungary).
CroatiaSerbiaGreat MoraviaBratislava

Question 3: Moravia and Bohemia remained within the Luxembourg dynasty of Holy Roman kings and emperors (except during the Hussite wars), until inherited by ________ in 1437.
Sigismund, Holy Roman EmperorJoseph II, Holy Roman EmperorAlbert II of GermanyFerdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor

Question 4: In the ________ of 1991, 1,362,000 (13.2%) of the Czech population described themselves as being of Moravian nationality.

Question 5: Moravia borders Poland in the north and Czech Silesia in the east, Slovakia; in the south, Lower Austria; and in the west, ________.
PragueHoly Roman EmpireCzech RepublicBohemia

Question 6: Tomáš Baťa (1876–1932), entrepreneur, founder of ________ company
ZlínCzech RepublicBata ShoesPrague

Question 7: ________ (1822–1884), biologist, father of genetics
Gregor MendelModern evolutionary synthesisHereditySpecies

Question 8: The Hungarian crusade followed and in 1469 ________ conquered Moravia and proclaimed himself (with assistance of rebelling Czech nobility) as the king of Bohemia.
Kingdom of HungaryHungaryMatthias Corvinus of HungaryJohn Hunyadi

Question 9: In 1758 Morvavia was invaded by Prussian forces under Frederick the Great who laid siege to Olomouc before he was forced to withdraw following the ________.
Battle of Prague (1757)Seven Years' WarBattle of TorgauBattle of Domstadtl

Question 10: Following the defeat of the Magyars by Emperor Otto I at the ________ in 955, Otto's ally Boleslaus I, the Přemyslid ruler of Bohemia, received Moravia.
High Middle AgesÁrpád dynastyBattle of LechfeldEarly Middle Ages

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