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Question 1: Once the mooring line is attached to the ________, it is pulled tight.
BollardRomeAustraliaTraffic sign

Question 2: Example: On the ________ off the Australian coast, a vast number of public moorings are set out in popular areas where boats can moor.
Great Barrier ReefCoral reef fishCoral reefCoral Sea Islands

Question 3: Mooring lines are usually made out of synthetic materials such as ________.

Question 4: ________ - a structure designed to hold an airship or blimp securely in the open when it is not in flight.
Airship hangarHangarMooring mastR101

Question 5: The two-headed mooring ________ is a fitting often-used in mooring.
Sail-planGlossary of nautical termsSailShip

Question 6: Aramid (heat resistant) (including ________)
KevlarWallace CarothersDuPontNomex

Question 7: Mooring lines made from materials such as ________ and Kevlar are much safer to use, but the lines do not float on the water, and tend to sink, are costly, so they are used less frequently.
NylonUltra high molecular weight polyethylenePolyethyleneAramid

Question 8: Some ships use ________ for one or more of their mooring lines.
Clausthal-ZellerfeldFunicularWire ropeElevator

Question 9: This is to avoid the massive damage that would be caused by many vessels ________ in close proximity.
HawseholeAnchorHawserDeck (ship)

Question 10: A vessel is said to be moored when it is fastened to a fixed object such as a ________, pier, quay or the seabed, or to a floating object such as an anchor buoy.
RomeTraffic signAustraliaBollard


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