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Question 1: At his post on the complex (where he is billeted in the Drax mansion), Bond meets Gala Brand, a beautiful ________ agent working undercover as Personal Assistant to Drax.
PoliceCriminal Investigation DepartmentFirearms unitSpecial Branch

Question 2: [6] ________ described Bond as what every man would like to be and what every woman would like to have between her sheets.
Double Indemnity (film)Farewell, My LovelyPhilip MarloweRaymond Chandler

Question 3: She is named for the ________ in which her father is serving at the time of her birth.

Question 4: Directed by Lewis Gilbert and produced by ________, the film featured Roger Moore in his fourth appearance as Bond.
Albert R. BroccoliJames BondPeter LamontHarry Saltzman

Question 5: Essentially, the Moonraker rocket is an upgraded ________ using liquid hydrogen and fluorine as propellants.
V-1 flying bombV-2Intercontinental ballistic missileWernher von Braun

Question 6: ________ said that Bond is "back with the old derring-do in Penguin's dazzling new reprints" [7]
NewsweekDonald E. GrahamSlate (magazine)The Washington Post

Question 7: Drax's warning to Bond to spend the prize money quickly after being defeated in a gamble was quoted in the 1983 film ________.
OctopussyA View to a KillFor Your Eyes Only (film)James Bond

Question 8: The 2002 film ________ used some of the novel's content, such as the Blades club.
Tomorrow Never DiesGoldenEyeJames BondDie Another Day

Question 9: Moonraker was adapted as a daily comic strip which was published in the British ________ newspaper and syndicated worldwide.
The GuardianDaily ExpressDaily MailDaily Star (United Kingdom)

Question 10: [11] Since the screenplay was original, EON Productions and ________ authorized the film's screenwriter, Christopher Wood to write his second novelization based upon the film.
Thunderball (novel)Ian Fleming PublicationsJames Bond novelsJames Bond uncollected short stories

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