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Moog modular synthesizer: Quiz


Question 1: Moog also established standards for ________ control interfacing, with a logarithmic one volt-per-octave pitch control and a separate pulse triggering signal.
Roland CorporationModular synthesizerMoog synthesizerAnalog synthesizer

Question 2: 903A – random signal generator (white or ________)
White noisePink noiseJohnson–Nyquist noiseFlicker noise

Question 3: The "C" series featured solid ________ cabinets and, starting in 1970, the "P" series, designed for portability, came in a road case.
Juglans regiaAppleWalnutJuglans nigra

Question 4: Moog modular synthesizer refers to any of a number of monophonic analog ________ designed by the late electronic instrument pioneer Dr.
Low-frequency oscillationMusical Instrument Digital InterfaceBuchla 200eModular synthesizer

Question 5: 904Alow-pass VCF (24 dB-per-________, considered the classic Moog filter)
Interval (music)SemitoneFifteenthOctave

Question 6: This new popularity led to the 1970 release of the classic ________ and subsequent Moog synthesizers, modeled after the larger modular systems and designed for portability, usability, and affordability.
MinimoogRick WakemanMinimoog VoyagerRock music

Question 7: ________ and manufactured by R.A Moog Co. (Moog Music after 1972) from about 1963 until 1981.
Electronic musicMoog synthesizerMoog modular synthesizerRobert Moog

Question 8: 959________ (X-Y) controller
Video game consoleVideo gameGame controllerJoystick

Question 9: It was Wendy Carlos' 1968 ________ which featured Carlos' custom-built modular synthesizer as the only instrument on the recording which brought widespread interest to the Moog synthesizer.
Switched-On BachSwitched-On BrandenburgsElectronic musicThe Well-Tempered Synthesizer

Question 10: 911ADSR envelope generator (adjustable from 2 ms to 10 ________)
SecondCoordinated Universal TimeTimeClock


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