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Monte Cassino: Quiz


Question 1: The monastery was constructed on an older pagan site, a temple of ________ that crowned the hill, enclosed by a fortifying wall above the small town of Cassino, still largely pagan at the time and recently devastated by the Goths.
ApolloGreek mythologyArtemisHera

Question 2: A detailed account of the abbey at this date exists in the Chronica monasterii Cassinensis by Leo of Ostia and Amatus of Monte Cassino gives us our best source on the early ________ in the south.
EnglandCnut the GreatNormandyNormans

Question 3: The monastery is one of the few remaining territorial abbeys within the ________.
PopePope Gregory ICatholic ChurchPope John Paul II

Question 4: In 584, during the abbacy of Bonitus, the ________ sacked the Abbey, and the surviving monks fled to Rome, where they remained for more than a century.
Germanic peoplesLombardsFranksSuebi

Question 5: The site has been visited many times by the Popes and other senior clergy, including a visit by Pope ________ in May 2009.
Catholic ChurchPope Paul VIPope Benedict XVIPope John Paul II

Question 6: In 883 ________ sacked and then burned it down, and Abbot Bertharius was killed during the attack.
Roman EmpireSaracenArab peopleByzantine Empire

Question 7: At Monte Cassino he wrote the Benedictine Rule that became the founding principle for western ________.

Question 8: [citation needed] He rededicated the site to ________.
John the BaptistYahya ibn ZakariyyaZechariah (priest)Jesus

Question 9: Monte Cassino is a rocky hill about 130 km (80 miles) southeast of Rome, ________, c.

Question 10: ________ reconsecrated it in 1964.
Pope Paul VICatholic ChurchPope Pius XIPope John Paul II

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