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Montauk Monster: Quiz


Question 1: In May 2009, the ________ reported that the owner of claimed to have found another incarnation.
Ottawa CitizenNational PostThe Vancouver SunThe Gazette (Montreal)

Question 2: Holmes then passed it along to fellow Gawker Media website ________ which gave it wide attention on July 29 under the headline "Dead Monster Washes Ashore in Montauk".
The ConsumeristGawker.comValleywagDeadspin

Question 3: ________ (Rodents have two huge, curved incisor teeth in front of their mouths)

Question 4: ________ - alleged time-travel experiments centered on Montauk
Montauk ProjectMontauk Project (book)United StatesNational Security Agency

Question 5: On the same day, Jeff Corwin appeared on ________ and claimed that upon close inspection of the photograph, he feels sure the monster is merely a raccoon or dog that has decomposed slightly.
Fox News ChannelBloomberg TelevisionFox Business NetworkCNN

Question 6: The "Montauk Monster" was an unidentified creature that allegedly washed ashore dead on a beach near Montauk ________ business district in July 2008.
ConnecticutMassachusettsNew JerseyNew York

Question 7: [1][2] The identity of the creature, and the veracity of stories surrounding it, have been the subject of unresolved controversy and speculation, although the current consensus, based on dental patterns and details of the front paws, is that it was a ________.
RaccoonRed FoxGray WolfCougar

Question 8: ________ (Sheep have two-toed hooves, not multi-toed paws)
Muslim Agricultural RevolutionAgricultureDomestic sheepGoat

Question 9: we hope."[6] A local newspaper quoted an unidentified woman, who claimed that the animal was only the size of a ________, and had decomposed to a skeleton by the time of the press coverage.
LionGray WolfRaccoonCat

Question 10: ________ or other canine such as a coyote.
DogCoat (dog)Dog breedDog health


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