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Montargis: Quiz


Question 1: On September 5, a French force of 1600 men broke the siege, led by Jean de Dunois and La Hire, commanders who would go on to lead the army of ________.
Hundred Years' WarJoan of ArcCharles VII of FranceCultural depictions of Joan of Arc

Question 2: ________ and Zhou Enlai lived the town's Chinese community in the 1920s.
Chiang Kai-shekMao ZedongDeng XiaopingJoseph Stalin

Question 3: The town was ceded to the ________ in 1188.
Napoleon IHouse of OrléansHouse of CapetList of French monarchs

Question 4: Later, the town was a stronghold of the Frankish king ________.
Clovis IChildebert IFranciaMerovingian dynasty

Question 5: She sheltered there Protestant Huguenots fleeing from persecutions in Paris and elsewhere during the 16th century ________.
French Wars of ReligionEuropean wars of religionEarly Modern FranceHistory of France

Question 6: The town is located about 110 km (68 mi) south of ________ and 70 km (43 mi) east of Orléans in the Gâtinais.
MarseilleÉvry, EssonneParisVersailles

Question 7: King Charles decreed a ________ in the town between the dog and Macaire, who was armed with only a cudgel.
Trial by combatJury trialCommon lawGermanic peoples

Question 8: It is near a large forest, and contains light industry and farming, including ________.

Question 9: In 1427, during the Hundred Years' War, the Earl of Warwick besieged the town with ________, beginning bombardment on July 15.
Medieval warfareNaval warfareArtilleryMilitary history

Question 10: Numerous ________ artifacts have been found in the area, and many are in the town's Gâtinais Museum.
Gallo-Roman cultureGaulRoman BritainRoman Empire


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