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Question 1:
What timezone is Montana in?
GMT +6
Mountain: UTC-7/DST-6

Question 2:
What role did Robbie Coltrane play in the movie Montana?
Tex Coyne
Morgan Lane
The Boss
Hoyce Guthrie

Question 3: Historically, the state was traversed by the main lines of three east-west transcontinental routes: the ________, the Great Northern, and the Northern Pacific.
Union Pacific RailroadCanadian Pacific RailwayChicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific RailroadChicago and North Western Transportation Company

Question 4:
What is the full name of Montana?
State of Montana
Alvaro Walter Tardu00E1guila Silva
Football Club Fiorentino
Augusto Magli

Question 5:
Who played Clyde the movie Montana?
Ethan Embry
Justin Deas
Richard Crenna
Douglas Kennedy

Question 6:
Who played Adam the movie Montana?
Stanley Tucci
Richard Crenna
Jacob N. Stuart
Errol Flynn

Question 7:
How long is Montana?

Question 8: In 1904 a group of young Native American women, after playing undefeated during their last season, went to the ________ held in St.
United StatesLouisiana Purchase ExpositionSt. Louis, MissouriForest Park (St. Louis, Missouri)

Question 9:
Who played Bess Guthrie the movie Montana?
Kyra Sedgwick
Robin Tunney
Gena Rowlands
Gena Rowlands

Question 10:
Who played Evelyn the movie Montana?
Laura Lawrence
Jessica M. Etter
Kyra Sedgwick
Gena Rowlands

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