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Monster Manual: Quiz


Question 1: 3rd Edition Monster Manual at ________ website.
Richard GarfieldThe DuelistWizards of the CoastMagic: The Gathering

Question 2: The Monster Manual II along with the 1st Edition ________ book featured quite a number of monsters, races and place names from Gary Gygax's Greyhawk Campaign world.
Fiend FolioUnearthed ArcanaOriental AdventuresPlayer's Handbook

Question 3: ________ (1981) was published by TSR UK.
Unearthed ArcanaDeities & DemigodsOriental AdventuresFiend Folio

Question 4: 4th Edition Monster Manual at ________ website.
Wizards of the CoastRichard GarfieldThe DuelistMagic: The Gathering

Question 5: It includes monsters derived from mythology, and ________, as well as creatures created for D&D specifically.

Question 6: More Monstrous Compendium Appendices were released as a supplement to the Monstrous Manual in the form of ________ books, mostly 128 pages.
PaperbackGraphic novelDell PublishingLost Horizon

Question 7: ________ (July 2006) is also published in the v3.5 format, and uses the new stat block format that was introduced in the Dungeon Master's Guide II.
Fiend FolioOriental AdventuresMonster ManualPlayer's Handbook

Question 8: It describes each with game-specific statistics (such as the monster's level or number of ________), and a brief description of its habits and habitats.
Health (gaming)Dungeons & DragonsSonic the Hedgehog (series)Role-playing video game

Question 9: This Monster Manual is notable for having descriptions within on where the monsters might be found in the ________ and Forgotten Realms campaign settings.
Dungeons & DragonsEberronAl-QadimDark Sun

Question 10: The original book actually bearing the title Monster Manual was written by ________ and published in 1977.
WargamingExpedition to the Barrier PeaksGary GygaxDungeons & Dragons


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