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Monotreme: Quiz


Question 1:
What classis does Monotreme belong to?

Question 2:
  • Species ________ (Platypus) Oldest specimen 10,000 years old.

Question 3:
What period does the fossils of the Monotreme come from?
Early Cretaceous u2013 Recent
Early Pleistocene to Recent
Early Cretaceous,
Early Arenig

Question 4:
What is the subclassis of Monotreme?

Question 5:
What phylum does Monotreme belong to?

Question 6:
  • Genus Zaglossus Upper ________ (0.1–1.8 million years ago).
    Little Ice AgePleistoceneLast glacial periodGlacial period

Question 7: Genus Obdurodon Includes a number of ________ (5–24 million years ago) platypuses.
LanghianMioceneGeologic time scalePliocene

Question 8: A controversial hypothesis now relates the monotremes to a different assemblage of fossil mammals in a ________ termed Australosphenida.
Ghost lineagePhylogeneticsCladeComputational phylogenetics

Question 9: It now seems clear that modern monotremes are the survivors of an early branching of the mammal tree; a later branching is thought to have led to the ________ and placental groups.

Question 10:
  • Genus ________ Oldest Ornithorhynchus specimen 9 million years old.

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