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Question 1: The death of Heraclius in 641 had thrown the political situation in Constantinople into chaos, and his young grandson ________ eventually succeeded him.
Justinian IAugustusConstans IIConstantine IV

Question 2: Meanwhile in Africa, a monk named ________ carried on a furious campaign against Monotheletism, and in 646 he convinced the African councils to draw up a manifesto against the doctrine.
Orthodox ChurchCatholic ChurchMaximus the ConfessorMonothelitism

Question 3: Unfortunately he hadn’t counted on the ________ at Rome.
PopeCatholic ChurchPope Benedict XVIPope John Paul II

Question 4: [12] In the meantime the epistola synodica of Sophronius appeared, the outcome of the synod of Cyprus, and this attempted to show that the new doctrine was inconsistent with ________.
ChristianityOrthodoxyOrthodox ChurchEast–West Schism

Question 5: Meanwhile, the Non-Chalcedonians accused the Chalcedonians of espousing a form of ________, a rejected doctrine that held that Jesus Christ was two distinct subsistences.
Biblical canonTrinityNestorianismChristology

Question 6: The ________ Heraclius tried to unite all of the various factions within the Empire with this new formula that was more inclusive and more elastic.
List of Roman EmperorsConcise list of Roman EmperorsList of Byzantine emperorsRoman Emperor

Question 7: Theodore in turn ________ the Patriarch in 649, declaring Paul a heretic.
BishopNew TestamentShunningExcommunication

Question 8: In ________ for instance, some 30,000 Greeks of Chalcedonian persuasion were ranged against some five million Coptic Non-Chalcedonians.

Question 9: [1] Specifically, Monothelitism teaches that Jesus ________ had two natures but only one will.
New TestamentChristGospelHoly Spirit

Question 10: A side issue over the Monothelitism debates eventually arose around the actions and condemnation of Pope Honorius I during the discussions concerning ________.
Pope Benedict XVIPope John Paul IICatholic ChurchPapal infallibility


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