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Question 1: Traditions
Eastern Orthodox Church
Oriental Orthodoxy
Syriac Christianity
East–West SchismLatin RiteEastern Catholic ChurchesRoman Catholic theology

Question 2: Monophysitism's theological point of view is also rejected by the Oriental Orthodox Churches, but was widely accepted in Syria, Egypt and the Levant, leading to many tensions in the Coptic period of the ________.
Byzantine EmpireByzantine IconoclasmWestern Roman EmpireRoman Empire

Question 3: In 449, at the controversial ________ Eutyches was reinstated and his chief opponents Eusebius, Domnus and Flavian, deposed.
Second Council of EphesusEcumenical councilFirst Council of NicaeaCouncil of Chalcedon

Question 4: History
Ecumenical council
Christianization of Bulgaria
Christianization of Kievan Rus'
East-West Schism
By region
Asian - Copts
Eastern Orthodox - Georgian - Ukrainian
Roman EmpireByzantine IconoclasmWestern Roman EmpireByzantine Empire

Question 5: Monophysitism and Eutyches were again rejected at the ________ in 451.
First Council of ConstantinopleFirst Council of NicaeaCouncil of ChalcedonFirst Council of Ephesus

Question 6: Liturgy and Worship
Sign of the cross
Divine Liturgy

Question 7: Some are of the opinion that Monothelitism was at one time held by the Maronites, but the Maronite community, for the most part, dispute this, stating that they have never been out of communion with the ________.
Pope Gregory IPope John Paul IIPopeCatholic Church

Question 8: After Nestorianism, taught by Nestorius, ________, was rejected at the First Council of Ephesus, Eutyches, an archimandrite at Constantinople, emerged with diametrically opposite views.
Ecumenical Patriarch of ConstantinopleEcumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I of ConstantinopleHistory of the Orthodox ChurchEcumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople

Question 9: Theology
Hesychasm - Icon
Apophaticism - ________
Miaphysitism - Monophysitism
Nestorianism - Theosis - Theoria
Phronema - Philokalia
Praxis - Theotokos
Hypostasis - Ousia
Essence-Energies distinction
FilioqueEast–West SchismCatholic ChurchEcumenical council


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