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Question 1: The conversion of monophthongs to diphthongs (diphthongization) or of diphthongs to monophthongs (monophthongization), is a major element of ________ and is likely the cause of further changes.
Historical linguisticsSyntactic changeEnglish languageLanguage change

Question 2: Similar processes of the creation of new monophthongs from old diphthongs are preserved in the traditional spellings of languages as diverse as French and ________.
Modern GreekAncient GreekGreek alphabetGreek language

Question 3: Such is the case in Sanskrit, in whose grammar the sounds now realised as /e/ and /o/ are conceptually ai and au, and are written that way in the ________ and related alphabets.
DevanagariGujarati scriptMalayalam scriptBrāhmī script


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