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Question 1:
Which of the following titles did Monoclonal antibodies have?
Monoclonal antibodies
1994-95 Rugby Football League season
Suburban Myth
Down In the Mission

Question 2: This medium is selective for fused (________) cells.
Hybridoma technologyHypoxanthine-guanine phosphoribosyltransferaseHAT mediumMonoclonal antibodies

Question 3: Recombinant antibody engineering involves the use of viruses or ________ to create antibodies, rather than mice.

Question 4: The production of recombinant monoclonal antibodies involves technologies, referred to as repertoire ________ or phage display/yeast display.

Question 5: Alternatively, gel electrophoresis and ________ can be carried out.
High performance liquid chromatographyForceCapillary electrophoresisSodium hydroxide

Question 6: ________, on the other hand, has a pI of 5.9, so it cannot easily be separated out by this method.

Question 7: These techniques rely on rapid cloning of immunoglobulin gene segments to create libraries of antibodies with slightly different ________ sequences from which antibodies with desired specificities can be selected.
Amino acid synthesisMetabolismL-DOPAAmino acid

Question 8: immunosuppression: ________, Atorolimumab, Fresolimumab, Golimumab, Lerdelimumab, Metelimumab, Morolimumab

Question 9: One then uses mammalian ________ to express this DNA and produce these half-mouse and half-human antibodies.
VirologyBloodCancerCell culture

Question 10: Cells, cell debris, lipids, and clotted material are first removed, typically by ________ with a 0.45 ┬Ám filter.


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