Monochrome: Quiz

Question 1: A monochrome ________ is able to display only a single color, often green, amber, red or white, and often also shades of that color.
Computer monitorUniversal Serial BusFloppy diskVideo card

Question 2: Even sources such as ________ have some narrow range of wavelengths (known as the spectral linewidth) within which they operate.
Laser applicationsHeliumX-rayLaser

Question 3: In physics, the word "monochromatic" is used to refer to ________ of a single wavelength.
ElectromagnetismMaxwell's equationsElectromagnetic radiationClassical electromagnetism

Question 4: It may also refer to sepia displaying tones from light tan to dark brown or cyanotype (“blueprint”) images, and early photographic methods such as Ambrotype, Tintype and ________, each of which may be used to produce a monochromatic image.
Photographic developerPhotographyCameraDaguerreotype

Question 5: In the physical sense, no real source of electromagnetic radiation is purely monochromatic, since that would require a ________ of infinite duration as a consequence of the Fourier transform's localization property (cf.

Question 6: And a device which isolates light sources of a narrow bandwidth are called ________, even though the bandwidth is often explicitly specified, and thus a collection of wavelengths is understood.

Question 7: For production of an ________ the original color stereogram source may first be reduced to monochrome in order to simplify the rendering of the image.
AutostereogramAnaglyph imageStereopsisBinocular vision

Question 8: In practice, filtered light, ________ separated light and laser light are all routinely referred to as monochromatic.
HolographyOpticsDiffraction gratingDispersion (optics)

Question 9: ________ - the use of black and white in a pattern that is perceived as shades of grey (may be extended also to color images)
HalftoneRaster graphicsColor photographySubtractive color

Question 10: A monochromatic object or image is one whose range of colors consists of shades of a single ________ or hue; monochrome images in neutral colors are also known as grayscale or black-and-white.
ColorPurpleGreenPrimary color

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