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Question 1: A new ________ origin for the Monitors, including the first one featured in Crisis on Infinite Earths, is later given during the Final Crisis.
Story within a storyMetatheatreMeta-referenceMetafiction

Question 2: [3] The histories of the 52 Earths were changed as a result of ________'s multi-dimensional rampage.
Captain Marvel (DC Comics)Mister Mind and the Monster Society of EvilDoctor SivanaBlack Adam

Question 3: He also sent Harbinger to recover the infant ________, the sole survivor of Earth-Three, whom he believed would be of invaluable assistance.
Superboy-PrimeAlexander Luthor, Jr.Crisis on Infinite EarthsLex Luthor

Question 4: Luthor's use of the ________'s armor to recreate the Multiverse acted as a "seed program" to proliferate all cloned universes with their own Monitor.
Anti-MonitorSuperboy-PrimeBlack Lantern CorpsSolomon Grundy (comics)

Question 5: During the events of Infinite Crisis, ________ revives the multiverse by splitting the merged Earths, in an effort to find a "perfect earth" because he believed the surviving Earth to be corrupted.
Superboy-PrimeAlexander Luthor, Jr.Crisis on Infinite EarthsLex Luthor

Question 6: His plan is thwarted by ________, who destroys the tower he created to splinter the Earth.
DarkseidSupermanSuperboy-PrimeSuperboy (Kon-El)

Question 7: This was all part of the setup Wolfman and the staff of DC Comics planned for the Crisis, showing the Monitor currying favor with villains such as ________, prior to calling on the heroes.
Maxie ZeusClayfaceJoker (comics)Batman


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