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Question 1: Monikers are also used in ________, usually on radio stations.
Broadcast engineeringTelevision stationMass mediaBroadcasting

Question 2: Typically, the title is used as a personal or professional name, instead of the person's given name, for works of art, music, ________, or performances.

Question 3: Monikers are commonly used in small ________ such as in railroad tramping (i.e.,"Baltimore Red") and on Internet message boards.
SociologyIdeologySubcultureSocial stratification

Question 4: The "clown world" has widely embraced "monicker" as equivalent to a stage name or ________.
Joseph StalinPope Benedict XVIPen namePseudonym

Question 5: A moniker (or monicker) is another term for a ________, pseudonym, or cognomen.

Question 6: The word "monicker", or more rarely "monikker", is among clowns, most often intentionally misspelled, with a 'c' in accordance with ________ tradition that some words are inherently funny (and hence to be preferred over "unfunny" words).
Circus clownDonkeyMime artistClown

Question 7: Although there are various theories about the origin of the word, the most widely accepted is that it comes from Shelta, the cant language of ________.
Northern IrelandIrelandIrish peopleIrish Traveller

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