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Question 1:
Which of the following titles did Mongolian language have?
Mongolians speaking Mongolian
Liviu's Dream

Question 2:
What family does Mongolian language belong to?

Question 3: *kĘ° was ________ to /x/ in Ulaanbaatar Khalkha and the Mongolian dialects south of it, e.g.
LenitionPalatalizationFortitionConsonant mutation

Question 4: [89] There are two types of written Mongolian used in China: the traditional Mongolian script, which is official among Mongols nationwide, and the Clear script, used predominantly among ________ in Xinjiang.
Kalmyk peopleOiratsBorjiginUpper Mongols

Question 5: There are at least three such varieties: Oirat (including the Kalmyk variety) and Buryat, both of which are spoken in Russia, Mongolia, and China; and Ordos, spoken around Inner Mongolia's ________.
UlanqabChifengOrdos CityHohhot

Question 6: Such data might account for the historical development of the Mongolian ________, as well as for its sociolinguistic qualities.
Language educationDialect continuumAusbausprache, Abstandsprache and DachspracheGerman language

Question 7: ________ exist for the first and second person, while the old demonstrative pronouns have come to form third person (proximal and distal) pronouns.
Article (grammar)Impersonal verbGender-specific pronounPersonal pronoun

Question 8: In distant times Mongolian adopted loanwords from Old Turkic, ________ (these often through Uighur), Persian, Arabic, Tibetan,[81] Tungusic, and Chinese.

Question 9: The inventory of voices in Mongolian consists of passive, ________, reciprocal, plurative, and cooperative.
CausativeIntransitive verbInflectionVoice (grammar)

Question 10: Suffixes occupying this position express ________, e.g., progressive and resultative.
Grammatical genderGrammatical aspectGrammatical tenseGrammatical number

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