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Mongol invasions of Korea: Quiz


Question 1: Mongke Khan sent envoys to ________, announcing his coronation in October 1251.
GoryeoJoseon DynastyBalhaeKorea

Question 2: In 1225, the Mongol Empire demanded tribute from ________ and the Mongol envoy Chu-ku-yu was killed.
KoreaGoryeoJoseon DynastyBalhae

Question 3: The Mongol invasions of Korea (1231 - 1270) consisted of a series of campaigns by the Mongol Empire against Korea, then known as ________, from 1231 to 1270.
GoguryeoBalhaeJoseon DynastyGoryeo

Question 4: When the Goyeo court sent the future king Wonjong as hostage to the Mongol court and promised to return to ________, the Mongols withdrew from Central Korea.
North KoreaKaesongPyongyangKorean regional cuisine

Question 5: In 1231, Ögedei Khan ordered the invasion of ________.
KoreaKorean PeninsulaNorth KoreaSouth Korea

Question 6: With the death of ________ in 1248, however, the Mongols withdrew again.
Kublai KhanMöngke KhanGüyük KhanMongol Empire

Question 7: Guyuk sent Amuqan to ________ and the Mongols camped near Yomju in July 1247.
North KoreaKoreaSouth KoreaKorean Peninsula

Question 8: Gojong of Goryeo (reigned 1213-1259) was the twenty-third king of the ________ dynasty.
GoryeoBalhaeKoreaJoseon Dynasty

Question 9: Upon the 1251 ascension of ________, the Mongols again repeated their demands.
Mongol EmpireKublai KhanÖgedei KhanMöngke Khan

Question 10: This collection of Buddhist ________ took 15 years to carve on some 81,000 wooden blocks, and is preserved to this day.
HinduismReligionReligious textIndian religions


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