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Mongol conquest of the Song Dynasty: Quiz


Question 1: Subsequently, a Mongolian ________ was killed by the Song governor in uncertain circumstances.
Diplomatic rankAmbassadorConsul (representative)Diplomatic mission

Question 2: The loyalists fought the Mongols in the mountainous ________-Guangdong-Jiangxi borderland.

Question 3: Thus the Mongol troops, headed by sons of the ________ Ogedei, started their slow but steady invasion of the south.
Yuan DynastyMongol EmpireGenghis KhanKhagan

Question 4: Möngke's brother ________ and general Uriyangqadai pacified Yunnan and Tibet and invaded the Tran Dynasty in Vietnam.
Kublai KhanÖgedei KhanMongol EmpireMöngke Khan

Question 5: In 1233 the Song Dynasty finally became an ally of the Mongols, who agreed to share territories south of the ________ with the Song.
TianjinYangtze RiverYellow RiverShandong

Question 6: From 1235 on, the ________ general Kuoduan Hequ started to attack the region of Sichuan through the Chengdu plain.
Kalmyk peopleMonguorBorjiginMongols

Question 7: ________ Khan refused; however, he bequeathed, on his death in 1227, a plan to attack the Jin capital by passing through Song territory.
Genghis KhanGolden HordeÖgedei KhanMongol Empire

Question 8: In the Huai River area, the Mongol Empire's commanders remained on the defensive, taking few major Song cities, although Toregene and ________ ordered their generals to attack the Song.
Kublai KhanMöngke KhanTöregene KhatunGüyük Khan

Question 9: The strongholds of the Song loyalists fell one by one: Yangzhou in 1276, ________ in 1277 and Hezhou in 1279.

Question 10: In 1260 Kublai was elected as Great Khan of the Mongols and founded the ________ in 1271.
Golden HordeMongol EmpireChagatai KhanateYuan Dynasty


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