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Question 1: [23] With the assistance of the ________, the Mongols finished off the Jin in 1234.
Ming DynastySong DynastyTang DynastyHan Dynasty

Question 2:
What is the legislature of Mongol Empire called?

Question 3: What does the following picture show?

  Sacking of Suzdal by Batu Khan in February, 1238: a miniature from the sixteenth century chronicle
  A small caravan arriving to Beijing from the west - a modern relief near Marco Polo Bridge
  Rabban Bar Sauma, the ambassador of Great Khan Kublai and Ilkhan Arghun, travelled from Dadu in the East, to Rome, Paris and Bordeaux in the West, meeting with the major rulers of the period in 1287-1288
  The Samurai facing Mongols, during the Mongol invasions of Japan. From Takezaki Suenaga's Moko Shurai Ekotoba.

Question 4:
What is the native name for Mongol Empire
Ikh Mongol Uls
Mongol Ulsyn Ikh Surguul
Bu00FCgd Nairamdakh Mongol Ard Uls
Mongol uls

Question 5:
What is the currency of Mongol Empire?
Chinese cash, Chinese coin, copper coins etc.
Coins , Sukhe, paper money
Riel (banknotes and coins) 1
Native gold and silver coins, Kepeng

Question 6: Fearing Chagataid influence on the Yuan, ________'s (1304–1332) Kypchak commander poisoned him.
Mongol EmpireYuan DynastyJayaatu Khan, Emperor Wenzong of YuanKhutughtu Khan, Emperor Mingzong of Yuan

Question 7: Non-military achievements of the Mongol Empire include the introduction of a writing system, based on the Uighur script, that is still used in ________.
Inner MongoliaWuchuan County, Inner MongoliaManzhouliEvenk Autonomous Banner

Question 8:
What religion does Yuan Dynasty adhere to?
Buddhism , Taoism, Confucianism, Chinese folk religion

Question 9: Marco Polo wrote that the money was made of mulberry ________.
RootPlant stemBarkWood

Question 10:


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