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Question 1:
Who played Sir John Vesey the movie Money?
George Robinson
Adrian Lukis
Henry Ainley
Vincent Kartheiser

Question 2:
What role did J.D. Chakravarthi play in the movie Money?
Marc Lavater
Franck Cimballi
Taxi Driver

Question 3:
Who played Lawyer the movie Money?
George Robinson
Nick Frost
J.D. Chakravarthi
Kallu Chidambaram

Question 4:
Who played Khan Dada the movie Money?
Tom Edwards
Trevor Duplessis
Henry Ainley

Question 5:
Who played Sarah Walkins the movie Money?
Emma Pierson
Maryam d'Abo
Eleanor Matsuura

Question 6:
Who played 2 the movie Money?
Bruno Cremer
Olaf Hytten
Nick Frost

Question 7:
What role did Margot Drake play in the movie Money?
Clare Douglas
Georgina Vesey
Selina Street

Question 8:
What role did Chinna play in the movie Money?
Captain Smooth
John Self
Sir John Vesey

Question 9:
What role did Vincent Kartheiser play in the movie Money?
Marc Lavater
John Self
Franck Cimballi
Fielding Goodney

Question 10:
Who played Cherry the movie Money?
Eleanor Matsuura
Marie Newton
Tamsin Egerton

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