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Monchhichis: Quiz


Question 1:
Who of the following was a direct of Monchhichis?
Robert Markowitz
Hiroshi Jinsenji
Michael MyerbergJohn Paul
Tony Dow

Question 2: The Monchhichi franchise is Japanese and held by the Sekiguchi Corporation, a famous doll company, located in Tokyo, ________.
CambodiaCanadaUnited KingdomJapan

Question 3:
Which of the following genres does Monchhichis produce?
Animation / Comedy / Family / Fantasy
Family, children's, folk
Humor, Family, Sports

Question 4: The cartoon series premiered, in the ________, on ABC on September 10, 1983.
PhilippinesAlaskaUnited StatesCanada

Question 5:
Which of the following titles did Monchhichis have?
Member for Martin
Monchhichi Twins
English National Rugby Union Captain
Member of Parliament for Edinburgh West

Question 6: Shreeker/Snitchitt/Gonker - ________
Peter CullenBotConTransformers (film)Ironhide

Question 7: The show didn’t catch on as well as ________’s other little critter shows like The Smurfs and Snorks.
Warner Bros.Hanna-BarberaTheatrically-released films based on Hanna–Barbera animationsWhat's New, Scooby-Doo?

Question 8: The original name was changed to "Chicaboo" in the United Kingdom, to "Mon Cicci" in Italy and to "Kiki" in ________.
FranceCanadaGreeceUnited States

Question 9: Monchhichi (モンチッチ Monchitchi ?) is a Japanese animated series (known as Futago no Monchhichi in Japan), whose American version was produced by ________.
What's New, Scooby-Doo?Theatrically-released films based on Hanna–Barbera animationsHanna-BarberaWarner Bros.

Question 10: Exportation of the doll line started in 1975, toward West Germany and ________.
United KingdomAustraliaCanadaBarbados


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