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Question 1: A bhikkhu in Pali or Bhikshu in ________, first ordains as a Samanera (novice).
MantraSanskritAshoka the GreatBuddhism

Question 2: the ________, the Rule of St Benedict) and, in modern times, the Church law of the respective Christian denominations that have forms of monastic living.
Basil of CaesareaBasilian monkEastern Christian monasticismMonastery

Question 3: Unique among Jewish communities is the monasticism of the ________ of Ethiopia, a practice believed to date to the 15th century.
African JewsAshkenazi JewsBeta IsraelJews

Question 4: Most of the modern disciplinary rules followed by bhikkhus and bhikkhunis—the ________—relate to such an existence, prescribing in great detail proper methods for living and relating in a community of bhikkhus or bhikkhunis.
AnuruddhaPatimokkhaBuddhism and HinduismBuddhism

Question 5: The ________, due to its brevity, has been adopted by various communities, chiefly the Canons Regular.
AugustiniansFranciscanCatholic religious orderCarmelites

Question 6: Many of the dervishes are mendicant ________ who have taken the vow of poverty.

Question 7: ________ maintains a "fraternal order" called the Sea Organization or just Sea Org.
Scientology status by countryScientologyXenuScientology controversies

Question 8: Other groups include the ________, a gnosis based order who practice the 'hadra' or 'presence', a dance-like breathing exercise involving the repetition of divine names.
ShadhiliSufismQadiriyyahNuh Ha Mim Keller

Question 9: In their quest to attain the spiritual goal of life, some Hindus choose the path of monasticism (________).
SannyasaBhagavad GitaAumHinduism

Question 10: The Buddhist monastic lifestyle grew out of the lifestyle of earlier sects of wandering ascetics, some of whom the Buddha had studied under, and was initially fairly ________ in nature.
MonasticismCatholic religious orderHermitMonk


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