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Question 1: The National Church is by law the ________, though the monarch is not its head (unlike in England, where the Supreme Governor of the Church of England is the Monarch of the United Kingdom(Const, I,4)).
ChristianityReligionState religionReligions by country

Question 2: The monarch of Denmark must be a member of the Danish National Church, or Evangelical Lutheran Church of Denmark (________, II,6).
Constitution of DenmarkConstitution of LithuaniaConstitution of AustriaConstitution of the Netherlands

Question 3: The full title of Christian X from 1918 to 1944: ________, King of Denmark, Iceland, the Wends and the Goths, Duke of Schleswig, Holstein, Stormarn, Dithmarschen, Lauenburg and Oldenburg.
German languageBy the Grace of GodPolish languageSpanish language

Question 4: All royal powers called ________, such as patronage to appoint ministers and the ability to declare war and make peace, are exercised by the Prime Minister and the Cabinet, with the formal consent of the Queen.
Common lawLawRoyal Prerogative (United Kingdom)Royal Prerogative

Question 5: The Monarchy of Denmark (also referred to as the Danish Monarchy) is the constitutional monarchy of ________ and its overseas territories.

Question 6: Further, his grandson Carl became ________.
Olav V of NorwayQueen Sonja of NorwayHarald V of NorwayHaakon VII of Norway

Question 7: His son Vilhelm went on to become ________.
Constantine II of GreeceGeorge I of GreeceConstantine I of GreeceAlexander of Greece (king)

Question 8: Of the three, only Denmark has direct relations with other states and is a member of the ________.
European UnionGermanyEuropean ParliamentEuropean integration

Question 9: Christopher of Bavaria: ________, King of Denmark, Sweden and Norway, the Wends and the Goths, Count Palatine of the Rhine, Duke of Bavaria.
Polish languageBy the Grace of GodSpanish languageGerman language

Question 10: She, along with her husband Henrik, Prince Consort of Denmark, and other members of the ________ undertakes various official, ceremonial and representational duties.
Greek Royal FamilyBritish Royal FamilyDanish Royal FamilyAnne, Princess Royal


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