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Monarchy of Australia: Quiz


Question 1: The monarch of Australia is the same person as the monarch of the fifteen other Commonwealth realms within the 54-member ________, however each country is sovereign and independent of the others.
United KingdomTimeline of Commonwealth of Nations historyCommonwealth of NationsCommonwealth Games

Question 2:
When was the Monarchy of Australia?
December 2009
December 2008

Question 3: The states of Victoria, Western Australia, ________, Tasmania, and South Australia also maintain residences, used by the respective Governors, though the monarch or other members of the Royal Family will stay there when in the state.
QueenslandAustralian Capital TerritoryNew South WalesNorthern Territory

Question 4: The Crown has a symbolic place in the Australian Defence Force, which consists of the ________, Royal Australian Air Force, and Royal Australian Navy.
Australian Special Air Service RegimentAustralian Army ReserveOperation SlipperAustralian Army

Question 5: ________
List of Commonwealth visits made by Queen Elizabeth IIBarbadosCommonwealth of NationsList of titles and honours of Queen Elizabeth II

Question 6: The sovereign is the only member of the Royal Family to have a title established through Australian law; other members are accorded a ________, which is the title they have been granted via Letters Patent in the United Kingdom.
BaronPeerageCourtesy titles in the United KingdomViscount

Question 7: ________
List of Australian organisations with royal patronageRoyal Australian Army Educational CorpsRoyal Australian Corps of SignalsRoyal Australian Infantry Corps

Question 8: The new parliamentary session is marked by the State Opening of Parliament, during which either the monarch or the Governor-General reads the ________.
Commonwealth realmUnited KingdomJapanSpeech from the throne

Question 9: The monarchy is a constitutional one modelled on the Westminster style of parliamentary government, incorporating features unique to the ________.
Parliament of AustraliaMonarchy of AustraliaConstitutional history of AustraliaConstitution of Australia

Question 10: In practice, ministers direct the use of the Royal Prerogative, which includes the privilege to declare war, maintain peace, and direct the actions of the ________.
QueenslandDarwin, Northern TerritoryAustralian EnglishAustralian Defence Force


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