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Mon people: Quiz


Question 1: In 1947, Mon National Day was created to celebrate the ancient founding of ________, the last Mon Kingdom, which had its seat in Pegu.
YangonBurmaBago DivisionBago, Burma

Question 2: A partially autonomous Mon state, Monland, was created in 1974 covering Tenasserim, Pegu and ________.
Salween RiverBurmaIrrawaddy RiverMandalay

Question 3: The inscription deals mainly with the reform undertaken by the king to purify ________ Buddhism in his kingdom.
TheravadaEarly Buddhist schoolsPāli CanonThird Buddhist council

Question 4: One of the earliest peoples to reside in ________, the Mon were responsible for the spread of Theravada Buddhism in present-day Burma and Thailand.
MalaysiaSoutheast AsiaPhilippinesSingapore

Question 5: The Mon king ________, who waged war with the northern Burman kingdom of Ava during the whole duration of his reign, unified and consolidated the Mon kingdom's domains in Lower Burma.
BayinnaungSwasawkeBinnya URazadarit

Question 6: The ________ is part of the Monic group of the Mon-Khmer branch of the Austro-Asiatic family, closely related to the Nyah Kur language and more distantly related to Khmer.
Mon languageHmong languageBurmese languagePali

Question 7: The Mon kingdom possessed two great pagodas of especial sanctity, the Shwemawdaw at Pegu and the ________ at the small stockaded fishing-town of Dagon, now Yangon.
Burma8888 UprisingShwedagon PagodaKonbaung Dynasty

Question 8: Resistance continued until 1995 when NMSP and ________ agreed a cease-fire and, in 1996, the Mon Unity League was founded.
Federal National CouncilKnessetState Peace and Development CouncilPeople's Consultative Assembly

Question 9: The Mon soon became anti-colonialists and following the grant of independence to Burma in 1948 they sought self-determination, ________ refused them this and they rose in revolt to be crushed again.
U NuNe WinAung San Suu KyiThan Shwe

Question 10: ________, the capital of Mon State in Burma


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