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Question 1:
What role did Momoe Yamaguchi play in the movie Koto?
Chieko Sada
Chieko Sada/Naeko

Question 2: Her second film, "Izu no Odoriko" (伊豆の踊子 "The Dancing Girl of Izu") based on the short story by Nobel Prize winning author ________, introduced her to actor Tomokazu Miura.
Boris PasternakAleksandr SolzhenitsynYasunari KawabataSamuel Beckett

Question 3:
What role did Momoe Yamaguchi play in the movie Honoo no mai?
Tamano Hisasaka
Yasuko Nohara
Chika Yoshii

Question 4: Momoe was born in Tokyo, ________ in 1959.
CambodiaCanadaUnited KingdomJapan

Question 5: Because she wanted to make a rock song before she ended her career, "Rock 'n Roll Widow" was produced, which was included on the ________ Moebius's Game (メビウス・ゲーム).
Rock musicRock operaProgressive rockConcept album

Question 6: The family moved once again to ________, where they would stay until Momoe rose to stardom.
Yokosuka, KanagawaKawasaki, KanagawaHiratsuka, KanagawaYokohama

Question 7: At around 4 years old she was returned to her parents and the family then moved to ________.

Question 8: Blue", which were both recorded overseas (in ________ and Los Angeles respectively) include heavy influences of the music of the country they were recorded in.

Question 9: Koto (古都) (film version of the novel The Old Capital by ________).
Samuel BeckettBoris PasternakAleksandr SolzhenitsynYasunari Kawabata

Question 10: Momoe Yamaguchi (山口 百恵 Yamaguchi Momoe ?, born January 17, 1959) is a former Japanese singer, actress, and idol whose career lasted from ________ to 1980.


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