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Momentum: Quiz


Question 1: The Heisenberg ________ defines limits on how accurately the momentum and position of a single observable system can be known at once.
Wave–particle dualityUncertainty principleIntroduction to quantum mechanicsQuantum mechanics

Question 2: It is important to note that momentum is ________.
Frame of referenceInertial frame of referenceFictitious forceCentrifugal force (rotating reference frame)

Question 3:
Who played Frank McIntyre the TV series Momentum?
Morocco Omari
Carmen Argenziano
Michael Massee
Zahn McClarnon

Question 4:
What role did Louis Gossett Jr. play in the TV series Momentum?
Raymond Addison
Zachary Shefford
Frank McIntyre

Question 5: For example, a moving object has momentum in a reference frame fixed to a spot on the ground, while at the same time having 0 momentum in a reference frame attached to the object's ________.
Vehicle dynamicsCenter of massTireCar handling

Question 6: ________, on the other hand, is not conserved in collisions if they are inelastic.
Classical mechanicsSpecial relativityKinetic energyMass–energy equivalence

Question 7:
Who played Hawk the TV series Momentum?
Michael Massee
Louis Gossett Jr.
Grayson McCouch
Zahn McClarnon

Question 8:
Which of the following units was Momentum a part of?
LG 2, JG 52 and JG 27
kg u00B7 m/s
3rd Pioneer Battalion, FA 19, FA 256, FA 3, Jagdstaffel 6
Sixth Army

Question 9: Momentum is the ________ of translational invariance.
LagrangianGauge theoryHamiltonian mechanicsNoether's theorem

Question 10:
Who played Adrian Geiger the TV series Momentum?
Louis Gossett Jr.
Zahn McClarnon
Michael Massee
Grayson McCouch


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