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Question 1: This scale was based on the ground motion measured by a particular type of ________ at a distance of 100 kilometres (62 mi) from the earthquake.
SeismologyReflection seismologySeismic waveSeismometer

Question 2: As with earthquakes, during an underground explosion of a nuclear weapon, only a small fraction of the total amount of energy transformed ends up being radiated as ________.
SeismologyS-waveRayleigh waveSeismic wave

Question 3: A rule of thumb equivalence from seismology used in the study of ________ asserts that a one kiloton nuclear explosion creates a seismic signal with a magnitude of approximately 4.0.
Nuclear weaponNuclear weapons testingNuclear proliferationNuclear arms race

Question 4: The moment magnitude Mw is a ________ defined by
Reynolds numberDimensionless quantityKeulegan–Carpenter numberFluid dynamics

Question 5: As with the Richter scale, an increase of 1 step on this ________ corresponds to a 101.5 ≈ 31.6 times increase in the amount of energy released, and an increase of 2 steps corresponds to a 103 = 1000 times increase in energy.
Indefinite logarithmInformation theoryDecibelLogarithmic scale

Question 6: The MMS is now the scale used to estimate magnitudes for all modern large earthquakes by the ________.
Minerals Management ServiceUnited States Geological SurveyUnited States Fish and Wildlife ServiceNational Park Service

Question 7: [2] The scale was developed in the 1970s to succeed the 1930s-era ________ (ML).
2004 Indian Ocean earthquakeRichter magnitude scaleEarthquakeMoment magnitude scale

Question 8: The moment magnitude (Mw) scale was introduced in 1979 by ________ seismologists Thomas C. Hanks and Hiroo Kanamori to address these shortcomings while maintaining consistency.
University of Southern CaliforniaCalifornia Institute of TechnologyUniversity of California, San DiegoUniversity of California, Los Angeles

Question 9: The moment magnitude scale (abbreviated as MMS; denoted as Mw) is used by seismologists to measure the size of ________ in terms of the energy released.
LandslideGeotechnical engineeringEarthquakeS-wave

Question 10: [7] For real ________, the actual seismic efficiency achieved varies significantly and depends on the site and design parameters of the test.
Nuclear weapon designNuclear weaponUnderground nuclear testingNuclear weapons testing


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