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Molly Dobbs: Quiz


Question 1:

Question 2:
Molly Dobbs was part of which series?
Coronation Street
Cassandra Palmer
The Book of Ember series
Brian's Saga

Question 3:
What did Molly Dobbs do for a living?
Musician, Music Teacher
Jam manufacturer
Glider pilot
Shop Assistant

Question 4:
Where does Molly Dobbs live?
New York City
Western Bay
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
9 Coronation Street

Question 5:
Who is Molly Dobbs's spouse?
Jeanne Stephens Lee
Ellen Day Bonnifield
Marie of Saxe-Altenburg
Tyrone Dobbs

Question 6:
On what date was Molly Dobbs born?
Tu00E4by, Sweden

Question 7: They hit one of their first real rocky patches when Molly finds out that Tyrone has been selling dodgy goods with her Aunt ________.
List of minor Coronation Street characters (1961)List of minor Coronation Street characters (2009)List of recurring and minor Coronation Street charactersList of minor Coronation Street characters (2008)

Question 8: [11] When she first arrives, it becomes clear that she was a victim of bullying at school, with one of the bullies being ________.
Janice BattersbyChesney Battersby-BrownFiz StapeJohn Stape

Question 9: She originally worked in the bakery until her fathers departure when she began working at ________'s shop where she has remained.
Steve McDonald (Coronation Street)Dev AlahanAmber KaliraiCoronation Street

Question 10: The two, along with ________, train together for the local fun run.
Nick TilsleySarah-Louise GrimshawJason GrimshawCoronation Street timeline


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