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Question 1: An important area within the study of molecular evolution is the use of molecular data to determine the correct ________ of organisms.
FungusAnimalPlantBiological classification

Question 2: Molecular systematics is a product of the traditional field of systematics and ________.
Genetic engineeringDNARNAMolecular genetics

Question 3: Introduction
Modern synthesis
Social effect
Theory and fact
Objections / Controversy
Timeline of evolutionEvolutionary history of lifeGeologic time scaleHistory of the Earth

Question 4: Mutations are permanent, transmissible changes to the genetic material (usually ________ or RNA) of a cell.
ProteinDNAGeneticsNucleic acid

Question 5: However, it is quite feasible to determine the sequence of a defined area of a particular ________.
ChromosomeAutosomeKaryotypeChromosomal translocation

Question 6: Selection, in particular ________ produced by differential mortality and fertility.
EvolutionPopulation geneticsNatural selectionCharles Darwin

Question 7: Molecular evolution emerged as a scientific field in the 1960s as researchers from ________, evolutionary biology and population genetics sought to understand recent discoveries on the structure and function of nucleic acids and protein.
Transcriptional regulationMolecular biologyEpigeneticsPost-transcriptional regulation

Question 8: ________ describes changes in gene frequency that cannot be ascribed to selective pressures, but are due instead to events that are unrelated to inherited traits.
Natural selectionEvolutionPopulation geneticsGenetic drift

Question 9: It is the process of using data on the molecular constitution of biological organisms' ________, RNA, or both, in order to resolve questions in systematics, i.e.

Question 10: about their correct ________ or taxonomy from the point of view of evolutionary biology.
FungusAnimalBiological classificationPlant


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