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Question 1: Their internal motions are governed by turbulence in a cold, ________ gas, for which the turbulent motions are highly supersonic but comparable to the speeds of magnetic disturbances.
Magnetic momentElectromagnetismMagnetismMagnetic field

Question 2: Molecular hydrogen is difficult to detect by infrared and radio observations, so the molecule most often used to determine the presence of H2 is CO (________).
Nitric oxideCarbon monoxideHydrogen sulfideNitrous oxide

Question 3: A molecular cloud, sometimes called a stellar nursery if star formation is occurring within, is a type of interstellar cloud whose density and size permits the formation of molecules, most commonly ________ (H2).

Question 4: It is believed that the creation of newborn ________ occurs exclusively within molecular clouds.
Binary starStellar classificationStarSupernova

Question 5: The bulk of the molecular gas is contained in a molecular ring between 3.5 to 7.5 kilo________ from the centre of the galaxy (the Sun is about 8.5 kiloparsecs from the center).
Astronomical unitParsecCosmic distance ladderLight-year


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