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Question 1: George Trofimoff – a retired Army Reserve colonel, charged in June 2000 with spying for the ________ and the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (or SVR) for over 25 years.
Berlin WallIron CurtainEastern BlocKGB

Question 2: James Hall III – An Army warrant officer and intelligence analyst in Germany who sold eavesdropping and code secrets to ________ and the Soviet Union from 1983 to 1988.
East GermanyCzechoslovak Socialist RepublicCommunist RomaniaCommunist state

Question 3: A mole also appeared in ________ in Doctor Evil's organisation as number 2's assistant, number 3, and coincidentally had a large facial mole.
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged MeBeyoncé KnowlesFoxxy CleopatraAustin Powers in Goldmember

Question 4: For instance, there is evidence of only one mole ever penetrating the ________: Karl Koecher.
Central Intelligence AgencyNational Security AgencyCold WarDefense Intelligence Agency

Question 5: Robert Hanssen – Arrested for spying for the Soviet Union and Russia for more than 15 years of his 27 years with the ________.
Central Intelligence AgencyDefense Intelligence AgencyNational Security AgencyFederal Bureau of Investigation

Question 6: Moles have also been featured in some James Bond films, Murderers' Row, the TV series ________, Alias and 24.
Airwolf (helicopter)Magnum, P.I.Stringfellow HawkeAirwolf

Question 7: ________ and the Second mole in Toronto terrorism case
Shaher ElsohemyMubin ShaikhSurjan Singh Gill2006 Toronto terrorism case

Question 8: By contrast, ________ became an intelligence officer and then Director of Counterintelligence before he offered his services to the KGB.
Aldrich AmesEdward Lee HowardRobert HanssenAlger Hiss

Question 9: Harold James Nicholson – A senior-ranking ________ officer arrested while attempting to take Top Secret documents out of the country.
Cold WarDefense Intelligence AgencyCentral Intelligence AgencyNational Security Agency

Question 10: Le Carré said in a BBC television interview in 1976 that it was a ________ term.
KGBBerlin WallEastern BlocIron Curtain


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