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Question 1:
What classis does Mole (animal) belong to?

Question 2:
What phylum does Mole (animal) belong to?

Question 3: Moles are considered to be agricultural pests in some countries, while in others, such as ________, they are a protected species but may be killed if a permit is received.

Question 4: Moles are the majority of the members of the ________ family Talpidae in the order Soricomorpha.
MammalMammal classificationPrimateEven-toed ungulate

Question 5: (Charles Darwin, ________, Laws of Variation)
Natural selectionOn the Origin of SpeciesHistory of evolutionary thoughtEvolution

Question 6: Darwin cites moles as an example of mammals that have organs that have become vestigial and are being phased out by ________:
EvolutionPopulation geneticsNatural selectionGenetic drift

Question 7: More recently high grade ________ gas has proven an effective remedy, with the added advantage of having no polluting effect to the environment.

Question 8: Moles can be found in most parts of North America,[3] ________, and Europe, although there are no moles in Ireland[4].
SingaporeAsiaMiddle EastContinent

Question 9: They are controlled with traps such as mole-catchers, smoke bombs, and poisons such as ________ and strychnine, which is now banned in Britain.
Calcium chlorideCalcium fluorideCalcium carbideCalcium carbonate

Question 10: A mole's diet primarily consists of ________ and other small invertebrates found in the soil.

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