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Question 1: The Andaman Sea off the Tenasserim coast was the subject of keen scrutiny from Burma's regime during the 1990s due to offshore petroleum discoveries by multinational corporations including Unocal, ________ and others.

Question 2: [2] In ________ they are called Chao Ley (people of the sea) or Chao nam (people of the water), although these terms are also used loosely to include the Urak Lawoi and even the Orang Laut.
ThailandCambodiaMalaysiaPapua New Guinea

Question 3: However in the coastal villages of ________, such as Tap Tawan, the Moken suffered severe devastation to housing and fishing boats in common with other Moken communities.
Phuket ProvinceRanong ProvinceKrabi ProvincePhang Nga Province

Question 4: What is not consumed is dried atop their boats, then used to ________ for other necessities at local markets.
Gift economyBarterOpen economyAnarchist economics

Question 5: Their knowledge of the sea enables them to live off its fauna and ________ by using simple tools such as nets and spears to forage for food.

Question 6: Thai Moken have been permanently settled in villages located in the Surin Islands (Mu Ko Surin National Park[7]), in Phuket Province, on the northwestern coast of Phuket Island, and on the nearby Phi Phi islands of ________.
Phang Nga ProvinceKrabi ProvinceNakhon Sawan ProvinceSurat Thani Province

Question 7: During the ________ season, they build additional boats while occupying temporary huts.
AsiaMonsoonRainSouth Asia

Question 8: Reports from the late 1990s told of forced relocation by Burma's ________ of the 'Sea Gypsies' to on-land sites.
DictatorshipFascismMilitary dictatorshipParliamentary republic

Question 9: The Moken (also spelled Mawken or Morgan; Thai: ชาวเล, chao le "sea people"), are an Austronesian ethnic group with about 2,000 to 3,000 members who maintain a nomadic, sea-based ________.
SlaveryCultureFamilyHuman rights


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