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Moirae: Quiz


Question 1: [9] In Athens, ________, who had an earlier, pre-Olympic existence, was called Aphrodite Urania the 'eldest of the Fates' according to Pausanias (x.24.4).
AresGreek mythologyAphroditeApollo

Question 2: ________, Prolegomena to the Study of Greek Religion 1903.
AnthropologyGreek mythologyJane Ellen HarrisonCharles Darwin

Question 3: Her Roman equivalent was Nona, (the 'Ninth'), who was originally a goddess called upon in the ninth month of ________.
Sexual intercoursePregnancyPrenatal developmentReproductive medicine

Question 4: Brides in ________ offered them locks of hair and women swore by them.

Question 5: Zeus also was subject to their power, the Pythian priestess at ________ once admitted.
EpidaurusOlympia, GreeceDelphiAthens

Question 6: ________ (English pronunciation: /ˈkloʊθoʊ/, Greek Κλωθώ [klɔːˈtʰɔː] – "spinner") spun the thread of life from her distaff onto her spindle.
ClothoMoiraeLachesis (mythology)Atropos

Question 7: ________'s Iliad speaks generally of the Moera, who spins the thread of life for men at their birth (xxiv.209), Moera Krataia "powerful Moira" (xvi.334) or of several Moerae (xxiv.49).
Ancient GreeceTroyClassical antiquityHomer

Question 8: The Greeks variously claimed that they were the daughters of ________ and the Titaness Themis (the "Institutor") or of primordial beings like Nyx, the Night, Chaos or Ananke, Necessity.
ZeusGreek mythologyCronusApollo

Question 9: H. J. Rose writes that Nyx ("Night") was also the mother of the Moirae[5] as she was of the Erinyes, in the ________ tradition.
Eleusinian MysteriesPolytheismProto-Indo-European religionOrphism (religion)

Question 10: In the ________ (vii.197) there is a reference to the Klôthes, or Spinners.


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