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Question 1: The assassination attempt was believed by some to have been the work of Israel, or of the CIA, as a response to the Hezbollah bombings of the American embassy and of American and French peacekeeping headquarters in ________ in October, 1983.

Question 2: He holds relatively ________ views on the status of women.
Classical liberalismLiberalismIsaiah BerlinDemocracy

Question 3: In his sermons, he called for armed resistance to the Israeli occupations of Lebanon, the West Bank, and the ________, along with opposition to the existence of Israel.
Gaza StripHamasGaza–Israel conflictPalestinian National Authority

Question 4: After 21 years of studying under the prominent teachers of the ________ religious university he concluded his studies in 1966 and returned to Lebanon.
TwelverNajafImamah (Shi'a Twelver doctrine)Shia Islam

Question 5: Through that association he established a ________, a women's cultural center, and a medical clinic.
BookPublic libraryManchesterBristol

Question 6: His parents, Abdulraouf Fadlullah and al-Hajja Raoufa Hassan Bazzi,[5] had migrated there from the village of 'Aynata in South ________ in 1928 to learn theology.

Question 7: In 1966 Fadl-Allāh received an invitation from a group who had established a society called ”Usrat Ataakhi” (The family of Fraternity) to come and live with them in the area of Nabba’a in Eastern ________.

Question 8: On 8 March 1985, a ________ equivalent to 440 lb (200 kg) of dynamite exploded 9-45 metres[8][9] from his house in Beirut, Lebanon.
TerrorismSuicide attackIslamic terrorismCar bomb

Question 9: One of his bodyguards at the time was ________, who was later assassinated in a car-bombing in February 2008.
HezbollahFatahImad MughniyahPalestine Liberation Organization

Question 10: Fadl-Allāh went first to a traditional school (Kuttāb) to learn the ________ and the basic skills of reading and writing.

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