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Mogollon Monster: Quiz


Question 1: "I put that in the category of ________ that can certainly make our culture interesting, but has nothing to do with science."[4]
Greek mythologyMyth and ritualMythologyReligion and mythology

Question 2: It is most often described as a ________ or ape-like creature, but descriptions vary.
Mogollon MonsterCryptozoologyYetiBigfoot

Question 3: The Mogollon Monster is reported to be a ________ humanoid from 6–8 feet tall with large eyes.
GaitQuadrupedalismTerrestrial locomotionBipedalism

Question 4: ________ professor Stan Lindstedt of Northern Arizona University dismisses the idea that a large homonid creature would remain hidden in such a large area of the country.

Question 5: The Mogollon Monster is a legendary creature that has been discussed in accounts from central and eastern ________ along the Mogollon Rim.

Question 6: No physical evidence has been found, and the existence of such a creature is doubted by ________.
BiologyMarine biologyBiologistMicrobiology


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