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Question 1: Soon afterward a group of painters (Giacomo Balla, Umberto Boccioni, Carlo Carrà, Luigi Russolo, and ________) co-signed the Futurist Manifesto.
Gino SeveriniFuturismModernismCubism

Question 2:
When is Le Corbusier's birthday?

Question 3: Baker, Houston A., Jr., Modernism and the Harlem Renaissance, Chicago: ________, 1987
Chicago school of economicsUniversity of Chicago PressDoc FilmsMaclean Hall

Question 4: Some divide 20th century reaction into modernism and ________, whereas others see them as two aspects of the same movement.
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelArthur SchopenhauerTheodor W. AdornoPostmodernism

Question 5:
Who wrote Post-Impressionism?

Question 6: ________ rejected traditional tonal harmony, the hierarchical system of organizing works of music that had guided music making for at least a century and a half.
Twelve-tone techniqueSerialismPierre BoulezArnold Schoenberg

Question 7: In the early 20th century ________ exhibited a urinal as a sculpture.
Western paintingDadaMarcel DuchampCubism

Question 8: Darwin's theory of ________ by natural selection undermined the religious certainty of the general public, and the sense of human uniqueness of the intelligentsia.
LifePopulation geneticsIntroduction to evolutionEvolution

Question 9:
What type is thing is Bauhaus?
Cultural history, natural history and geology
Human and cultural history
Educational, Linguistic, Cultural Organization

Question 10:
What did Ezra Pound do for a living?
Poet, critic
Musician, Composer, Entertainer
Songwriter, Musician , producer,
singer, rapper, MC

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