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Modern warfare: Quiz


Question 1: Weapons platforms, ________ and command and control centers are being connected through high-speed communication networks.

Question 2: ________ is warfare that occurs outside the Earth's atmosphere.
Industrial warfareModern warfareSpace warfareMilitary history

Question 3: This developed in the ________ into riverine warfare (brown water navy), in intertidal and river areas.
Vietnam WarKorean WarCentral Intelligence AgencyCold War

Question 4: Infantry in modern times would consist of Mechanized infantry and ________.
World War IIParachute Regiment (United Kingdom)Operation Market GardenAirborne forces

Question 5: Weapons covered by this term include "tube" artillery such as the howitzer, ________, mortar, and field gun and "rocket" artillery.
Cannon operationEnglish cannonGunpowderCannon

Question 6: The targeting of civilians developed from two distinct ________.
MathematicsEmpiricismScientific methodTheory

Question 7: ________ actions have the primary purpose of influencing the opinions, emotions, attitudes, and behavior of hostile foreign groups in such a way as to support the achievement of national objectives.
NeuropsychologyCognitive neuroscienceSigmund FreudPsychology

Question 8: Most modern navies also have a large air support contingent, deployed from ________.
Carrier battle groupAircraft carrierTimeline for aircraft carrier serviceDestroyer

Question 9: Ground warfare involves three types of combat units, Infantry, Armor and ________.
Naval warfareArtillerySiegeMilitary history

Question 10: ________ in contemporary times, is distinguished by its large calibre, firing an explosive shell or rocket, and being of such a size and weight as to require a specialized mount for firing and transport.
ArtillerySiegeMilitary historyNaval warfare

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