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Modern Orthodox Judaism: Quiz


Question 1: ________ - Dean, Yeshivat Chovevei Torah.
Haredi JudaismRabbiConservative JudaismAvi Weiss

Question 2: Religion Allied to Progress, Rabbi ________
Modern Orthodox JudaismSamson Raphael HirschJudaismHaredi Judaism

Question 3: Modern Orthodoxy clearly differs from the approach of Reform Judaism and ________, which do not consider halakha to be obligatory.
Jewish philosophyRabbiReconstructionist JudaismConservative Judaism

Question 4: “Rav Kook” saw ________ as a part of a divine scheme finally to result in the resettlement of the Jewish people in its homeland, bringing salvation ("Geula") to the Jewish people, and the entire world.
Religious ZionismCanaanismAntisemitismZionism

Question 5: This philosophy, as formulated today, is to a large extent a product of the teachings and philosophy of HaRav ________ (1903-1993), Rosh Yeshiva at Yeshiva University.
Joseph B. SoloveitchikAharon LichtensteinAhron SoloveichikNorman Lamm

Question 6: In "Rav Soloveitchik's" thought, Judaism, which believes that the world is "very good", enjoins man to engage in ________.
Tikkun olamKabbalahJewish servicesTorah

Question 7: In particular, Modern Orthodoxy disagrees with many of Conservative Judaism’s halakhic rulings, particularly as regards issues of ________.
EgalitarianismSlaveryUniversal suffrageTorture

Question 8: It envisions a personal (as opposed to ________) "synthesis" between Torah scholarship and Western, secular scholarship, entailing, also, positive involvement with the broader community.
TheoryScientific methodMathematicsEmpiricism

Question 9: In ________, the Religious Zionism of the "Dati Leumi" (דתי לאומי, "National Religious") dominates Modern Orthodoxy.
United StatesArmeniaGreeceIsrael

Question 10: Then, as now, Modern Orthodoxy took pains to distance its "reforms" - those which could be justified as based on the ________ and poskim – from those of the Reform movement, which could not.
Shulchan AruchHaredi JudaismHasidic JudaismHalakha

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