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Question 1: ________ - an endospore forming Gram-positive bacterium
FirmicutesGram-negative bacteriaBacillus subtilisShigella

Question 2: ________ - a unicellular green alga used to study photosynthesis, flagella and motility, regulation of metabolism, cell-cell recognition and adhesion, response to nutrient deprivation and many other topics.
Escherichia coliChlamydomonas reinhardtiiMaizeModel organism

Question 3: ________ (E. coli) - This common, Gram-negative gut bacterium is the most widely-used organism in molecular genetics.
Pseudomonas aeruginosaEscherichia coliHelicobacter pyloriPathogenic bacteria

Question 4: Medicago truncatula is a model legume, closely related to the common ________.

Question 5: Tobacco BY-2 cells is suspension cell line from ________ (Nicotiana tabaccum).
Tobacco smokingUnited StatesTobaccoTobacco products

Question 6: The genome is a circle of 11 ________, 5386 base pairs in length.

Question 7: Hydra (genus), a ________, is the model organism to understand the processes of regeneration and morphogenesis, as well as the evolution of bilaterian body plans

Question 8: Phi X 174 - its ________ was the first ever to be sequenced.

Question 9: Arbacia punctulata, the purple-spined ________, classical subject of embryological studies
SquidSturgeonSea urchinHerring

Question 10: ________, fission yeast, (cell cycle, cell polarity, RNAi, centromere structure and function, transcription)
Model organismCaenorhabditis elegansMaizeSchizosaccharomyces pombe


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