Mockingbird (Marvel Comics): Quiz

Question 1:
What was Mockingbird (Marvel Comics) allied to?

Question 2:
Who created Mockingbird (Marvel Comics)?

Question 3: [9] Alongside the original ________, Hawkeye, and Tigra, she later battles Doctor Demonicus.
Iron ManStan LeeAdvanced Idea MechanicsStark Tower

Question 4:
What company publishes Mockingbird (Marvel Comics)?

Question 5: [13] For a time she and ex-Avengers Tigra and ________ operate as a small fighting unit.
Moon KnightLuke CageBlack Panther (comics)Spider-Man

Question 6:
When did Mockingbird (Marvel Comics) make his debut?
Power & Time Gem: Marvel Team-Up #55 ;
Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #5
Marvel Team-Up #95
Marvel Team-Up #55

Question 7: Created by writer ________ and artist Neal Adams, she first appeared in Astonishing Tales #6 (June 1971).
DC ComicsLen WeinGerry ConwayJohn Byrne

Question 8: As Mockingbird, she teams with ________ to battle renegade S.H.I.E.L.D.
The New Avengers (comics)Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)Stan LeeSpider-Man

Question 9: With Tigra, Moon Knight, and Giant-Man, she battled the ________.
Jack KirbyQuicksilver (comics)Stan LeeHigh Evolutionary

Question 10: With fiancé Paul Allen, she journeys to the ________.
Stan LeeWolverine (comics)Savage LandIceman (comics)

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