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Question 1: A study by ________ found that one in ten cell phone subscribers have a second phone that often is kept secret from other family members.
Sears Holdings CorporationCaterpillar Inc.BoeingMotorola

Question 2: ________ also facilitates activism and public journalism being explored by Reuters and Yahoo![25] and small independent news companies such as Jasmine News in Sri Lanka.
Mobile phones and driving safetyMobile phone featuresMobile phoneMobile telephony

Question 3: Joel S. Engel of ________.
Bell SystemWestern ElectricBell LabsAmerican Telephone & Telegraph

Question 4: A recently published study has reviewed the incidence of mobile phone use while ________ and its effects on behaviour and safety.
Sustainable transportUtility cyclingCyclingBicycle

Question 5: One of the newest 3G technologies to implemented is ________ (HSDPA).
High Speed Packet AccessHigh-Speed Uplink Packet AccessHigh-Speed Downlink Packet AccessEvolution-Data Optimized

Question 6: MTA phones were consisted of vacuum tubes and ________, and had a weight of 40 kg.
RelaySwitchElectromagnetElectric motor

Question 7: Cell Phone, the ring heard around the world—a video documentary by the ________
CBC Radio OneCanadian Broadcasting CorporationCBC TelevisionCBC News

Question 8: The radio interface in these systems is based on all-IP packet switching, ________ diversity, multi-carrier modulation schemes, dynamic channel assignment (DCA) and channel-dependent scheduling.

Question 9: In 2001 the first commercial launch of ________ (Third Generation) was again in Japan by NTT DoCoMo on the WCDMA standard.
3GWiMAXUniversal Mobile Telecommunications System3GPP Long Term Evolution

Question 10: In addition to the battery, ________ mobile phones require a small microchip, called a Subscriber Identity Module or SIM Card, to function.
Network switching subsystemGSMCellular networkUniversal Mobile Telecommunications System

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