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Mobile device: Quiz


Question 1: In the case of the ________ (PDA) the input and output are combined into a touch-screen interface.
Mobile devicePersonal digital assistantSmartphonePalm OS

Question 2: Enterprise digital assistants can further extend the available functionality for the business user by offering integrated data capture devices like barcode, ________ and smart card readers.
Radio-frequency identificationLondonShanghaiUnited States

Question 3: ________ and PDAs are popular amongst those who require the assistance and convenience of a conventional computer, in environments where carrying one would not be practical.
Mobile developmentPersonal digital assistantNetbookSmartphone

Question 4: Digital video camera (DVC or digital ________)

Question 5: Handheld computers used at work have molded over time into a variety of form factors, including smartphones on the low end, handheld ________, Ultra Mobile PCs, tablet PCs, and even notebook computers.
Personal digital assistantMobile deviceWindows MobilePalm OS


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