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Question 1: Other evidence of ancient moats is found in the ruins of Babylon, and in reliefs from ancient Egypt, ________, and other cultures in the region.
Akkadian EmpireBabyloniaAssyriaSumer

Question 2: A moat is a deep, broad ditch, either dry or filled with water, that surrounds a ________, building or town, historically to provide it with a preliminary line of defence.
FortificationHill fortKeepCastle

Question 3: Moats were excavated around ________ and fortifications as part of the defensive system as an obstacle immediately outside the walls.
Medieval fortificationKeepHill fortCastle

Question 4: While moats are commonly associated with European castles, they were also developed by North American Indians of the ________ as the outer defense of some fortified villages.
Spiro MoundsMound builder (people)Nodena SiteMississippian culture

Question 5: Matsumoto Castle, a Japanese Castle in ________
Gifu PrefectureNagano PrefectureSaitama PrefectureYamanashi Prefecture

Question 6: Related individuals have made a point to claim that the moat is not connected to the new ________ that the plant will be receiving.
Nuclear fuel cycleNuclear reactor technologyPlutoniumMOX fuel

Question 7: Moats rather than fences separate animals from spectators in many modern ________ installations.
London ZooZooMenagerieBristol Zoo

Question 8: The word was adapted in ________ from the French motte "mound, hillock" and was first applied to the central mound on which a fortification was erected (see Motte and bailey), and then came to be applied to the excavated ring, a "dry moat".
Great Vowel ShiftMiddle EnglishOld NorseOld English

Question 9: A moat made access to the walls difficult for siege weapons, such as ________ and battering rams, which needed to be brought up against a wall to be effective.
Siege towerAncient historyCastleCannon

Question 10: The remains of a 16th-century moat are still visible at the Parkin Archeological State Park in eastern ________.
MissouriArkansasAlabamaGeorgia (U.S. state)


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