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Miyagi Prefecture: Quiz


Question 1: In the ________, four new provinces were created from parts of Mutsu: Rikuchū, Rikuzen, Iwaki, and Iwashiro.
Meiji periodTaishō periodShōwa periodImperial Japanese Navy

Question 2: The area that is now ________ continued to be part of Mutsu until the Abolition of the han system and the nation-wide conversion to the prefectural structure of modern Japan.
Aomori PrefectureHokkaidōTochigi PrefectureSaitama Prefecture

Question 3: The Uesugi clan had a castle town at Wakamatsu in the south, the Nambu clan at Morioka in the north, and ________, a close ally of the Tokugawa, established Sendai, which is now the largest town of the Tōhoku region.
Date MasamuneMiyamoto MusashiKatō KiyomasaTokugawa Ieyasu

Question 4: Miyagi Prefecture is located in the central part of Tōhoku, facing the ________, and contains Tōhoku's largest city, Sendai.
Arctic OceanIndian OceanAtlantic OceanPacific Ocean

Question 5: During the ________ various clans ruled different parts of the province.
Sengoku periodTokugawa IeyasuOda NobunagaEmperor Ōgimachi

Question 6: Sendai was the castle town of the daimyo ________.
Katō KiyomasaTokugawa IeyasuMiyamoto MusashiDate Masamune

Question 7:

Question 8: ________ built a castle at Sendai as his seat to rule Mutsu.
Miyamoto MusashiKatō KiyomasaTokugawa IeyasuDate Masamune

Question 9: Miyagi Prefecture (宮城県 Miyagi-ken ?) is a prefecture of ________ located in the Tōhoku Region on Honshū island.
United KingdomJapanCambodiaCanada


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