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Mixed language: Quiz


Question 1: ________, which derives most of its lexicon from Kalderash Romani but uses Basque grammar and syntax.
ErromintxelaRomani people in SpainRomani peopleRomani people by country

Question 2: Michif, a mixture of French and Cree, where the nouns and adjectives tend to be French (including agreement), and the ________ verbs are entirely Cree.
Mayan languagesMorphological typologyPolysynthetic languageAgglutinative language

Question 3: A mixed language is a language that arises through the fusion of two source languages, normally in situations of thorough ________, so that it is not possible to classify the resulting language as belonging to either of the language families that were its source.
Spanish languageGerman languageEnglish languageMultilingualism

Question 4: Media Lengua, an inherited ________ grammar and phonology with a borrowed Spanish lexicon (see relexification).
QuechuaEnglish languageQuechuan languagesDutch language

Question 5: This differs from a ________, which generally has one identifiable parent in addition to diverse input which can not be traced to any particular language.
Portuguese languageCreole languageEnglish languageFrench language

Question 6: Cappadocian Greek, comprising mostly Greek root words, but with many Turkish grammatical endings and Turkish ________, and no gender.
PalatalizationEpenthesisVowel harmonyTone (linguistics)

Question 7: Although the concept is frequently encountered in historical linguistics from the early twentieth century, attested cases of language mixture, as opposed to ________, substrata, or lexical borrowing, are quite rare.
Language contactVariety (linguistics)Code-switchingMorphology (linguistics)

Question 8: Finally, a mixed language differs from code-switching, such as ________, in that, once it has developed, the fusion of the source languages is fixed in the grammar and vocabulary, and speakers do not need to know the source languages in order to speak it.
American EnglishSpanglishCaribbean EnglishEnglish language

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