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Mixed Nuts: Quiz


Question 1:
Who played Slapping Girl the movie Mixed Nuts?
Madeline Kahn
Conchata Ferrell
Zoe Cargas
Juliette Lewis

Question 2:
Who played Shirely Berluti the movie Mixed Nuts?
Madeline Kahn
Linda Gehringer
Brenda Lee Dettrey
Zoe Cargas

Question 3:
Who played Mixed Nuts the movie Mixed Nuts?
Steve Martin
Joey de Leon
Charles Murray
Ray Walston

Question 4:
Who played Moe the movie Mixed Nuts?
Dave Morris
Daniel C. Weaver
Morey Amsterdam
Craig A. Keener

Question 5: It takes place entirely on the day before ________ in Los Angeles.
Yule logChristmasWassailingYule

Question 6:
Who played Mr. Twitchell the movie Mixed Nuts?
Jack Barty
Douglas Wakefield
Joey de Leon
Fyvush Finkel

Question 7:
Who played Bugs the movie Mixed Nuts?
Daniel C. Weaver
Anthony LaPaglia
Craig A. Keener
Dan Barrows

Question 8:
What role did Douglas Wakefield play in the movie Mixed Nuts?
Dr. Folder
Syd Umbergoo
Prof. Wakefield

Question 9:
What role did Anthony LaPaglia play in the movie Mixed Nuts?
Dr. Folder
Prof. Wakefield

Question 10:
What role did Nora Cecil play in the movie Mixed Nuts?
Nurse Cassidy
Laurie Wynn
Dr. Sarah Allgood
Mrs. Twitchett

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